The Miniature Earth

Bridge Talk will be back with a new, original film next week. For this week, please watch this video from


Rob Scott said...

Here are the questions from the live presentation of this video:

Does reducing the world’s realities to 100 people change your perspective?

How do you respond to the video’s assertion to, “Appreciate what you have & do your best for a better world?”

Does caring about those who aren’t as fortunate as you have spiritual implications?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems like the most significant questions are the least answered. As a social studies teacher, I think this video is an excellent tool to personalize some major global issues we face. Its so easy to think of it as problems for other to solve and not do anything at all. I really liked the assertion to, "appreciate what you have and do your best for a better world." Often the feeling of guilt leads people away from trying to help the less fortunate and this message suggests we be thankful for what we have and then be generous with it. I think whenever we look for the good of others - to love our neighbours as our selves - there are spiritual implications, and probably more then just the "I feel good about myself because I helped someone" feelings that you get when you help people.