If You Were Satan ...

What would please you about the world today?

What would frustrate you?

Why would people believe or disbelieve in you?

If You Were God ...

If you were God ...

What would you do first?

What would you do about suffering?

Would you be distant & transcendent or intimate & knowable?

How Did Global Warming Became a Cool Issue & a Hot Cause?

Have you ever conversed with someone who is skeptical of global warming projections?

Have you made any changes to the way you live out of concerns about climate change?

Are your concerns motivated by emotional, spiritual, moral, intellectual or social influences?

The True North Stoned & Free

Is the prevalence of marijuana use in Canada a positive or negative social indicator?

Should marijuana be legalized?

Have you ever been “high”?

Do you agree with the young lady who said “anything can be a drug”?