Dark Roasted Blend


Rob Scott said...

Here are the questions from the end of the video (but please don't limit your comments to these alone):

Do you blog?

What are the sources of wonder in your life?

How is blogging changing the media landscape & our access to information?

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stacey said...

I just developed a theory about blogging. Just now. It popped into my head. A full-blown brain blip. Blogging is maybe a way we try to connect with each other. To put ourselves out there, to "be known". I think it's a strong drive in each of us - to be known.

That's a source of wonder for me. People. They seem so mundane at first glance. But they aren't. Not usually.

Cherie Sr. said...

Has anyone ever made money blogging? That's my question.

Rob Scott said...

Avi works full time on his blog (Advertising pays the bills) but the income is modest.

Aside from huge blogs (like the Huffington Post) The only people I know of who have gotten rich off of blogging are those who run the biggest blog networks (like Weblogs Inc.) or those who facilitate advertisers placing ads onto blogs (like Google's Adsense) but most, if not all, of the actual blog writers in these businesses are not making big bucks.

Cherie Sr. said...

That's one thing I like about blogging - that it's not about money. But I wonder if that will change over time, sort of like Christmas. I wonder if it will become a big huge commercial thing that has nothing to do with its origins.

Time will tell.

Nicole said...

I like to blog. I started a few years ago just to see what it was all about. I didn't expect blogging to become such an expression of creativity for me. I mean, it's all html and techno-lingo. But I taught myself as I went along and that was also part of the fun. Learning how to do some of these techie things I never thought I could. It's been a fun challenge.

I LOVE the clips of "liquid-art" from Avi's blog. Those are rad! He is so right on about how we lose our sense of wonder and how we need to get that back.

Just this morning as I walked to the bus in the cold, dark morning, I admired the frost on everything that made it look all fantasy world, and I recall having a sense of wonder about that. Usually it's nature that brings that wonder to the surface.