War: Remembrance, Regret & Retreat.


Rob Scott said...

Here are the questions from the end of the video (but please don't limit your commentary to these alone):

What does Remembrance Day mean to you personally?

Are the themes of Remembrance Day being lost in newer generations?

How does the national debate over our military presence in Afghanistan touch on the themes of remembrance, sacrifice, justice, freedom & mercy?

stacey said...

This is one of those things I feel like I don't feel as strongly about as I should. I guess I would agree that the themes of Remembrance Day are being lost. On the rare occasions I think about it, I think it's too bad the memories are fading.

And yet with Afghanistan and other current conflicts it seems more concrete. I was thinking about Nichola Goddard and others (she's famous for being a woman though) and the themes come back into focus.

Is that a good thing? I means we are at war. I don't like that.

Cherie Sr. said...

I wonder if all the war games going on (Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, etc) are shaping the perspectives of young people on war.

Any gamers care to comment on that?

Skullkid Productions said...

What does Remembrance day mean to me, eh? Well, I think it is a symbol. It's not as much as just remembering those who died, but why they died. There was a time that the World almost as a whole rose against evil. I think it is a monument to what the world could be, if nations joined together for the greater good, even if it meant death.

I think that the "Afganistan" issue has no such morality to it. I think that most people look at it and think there is justification there. One reason they do this is because of the media. And also, lets face it, the US lied to us. There were no "weapons of mass destructions." Do you think people with that kind of power would be hiding in cave, no. But I do agree with the Iraq war, Although they entered under false pretenses, the US did dethrone a powerful dictator (one they put there in the first place).

The video game world I think has actually taught the younger generation the meaning of war. I have played D-Day so many times and if it weren't for the abundance of health packs I would have died. It makes you think how the Allies could have done it.

Anyway, I think I have kinda got off subject. So I will just sum this up. No, I don't think we are forgetting to and how to remember and also it means a lot to me.

P.S. I apologize for any miss-spellings.

Mark W said...

"The U.S. invaded Afghanistan because it was the refuge of the Taliban. That's the reason. It's the truth. The taliban have been flushed out to the Northwest of Pakistan where border security is the biggest issue right now.

Canada is in Afghanistan because we want Afghanistan to succeed based on democratic principles and structures; because the U.N. has a code of human rights which the Afghani people did not enjoy under the Taliban. Benazir Bhutto's comments on "The Kite Runner" by Kholed Husseini are true to Afghanistan and the reasons that Canada is there.

The CIA had a power struggle which made it difficult to determine what exactly Iraq had before the invasion. They made a call and President Bush went on that info plus other considerations. The U.S. is our first and finest ally in forwarding democratic principles and establishing human rights for those who cannot stand up - initially - for themselves.