Loch Ness Confesses, Sasquatch Watches.


Rob Scott said...

Here are the "quotes worth talking about" from the end of the interview:

“There’s evil out there and there’s mystery out there, but it’ not how you expect it ...”

“Things happen in your life for a reason...”

“It’s what separates us from animals... Creativity’s pretty important.”

- Riley Rossmo

stacey said...

I kept thinking about how people were saying they wanted to believe in things like Sasquatch - that we want to believe in something beyond ourselves, something "out there", yet to be fully discovered. That's part of the mystique of the Sasquatch. I was thinking how all the things we know about concretely aren't compelling in the same way. I think that's interesting. We are drawn to the unprovable.

Rob Scott said...

I think you've touched on on of the roots of what makes "western Christianity", or "evangelicaldom" or whatever word you want to use so unattractive to many.

Here is this amazingly compelling, mystical, impossible to "prove" yet experienced by many spiritual possibility; But it's been so codified, and systematized, and mass-mediaed, and tamed, and stuffed into sleepy church buildings that it no longer taps into that "desire to believe" and to experience the unknown that we have within us.

Cherie Sr. said...

Rationalism has ripped us off. We dissect everything and experience nothing. We place our whole trust in the three pound human brain and then wonder why we are soul sick. Even the church, perhaps especially the church, fails to recognize the need of the human heart for a God who is completely other than. We deny the mystery and are bereft of bliss.